Bye, Bye, Dark Circles

How to look well-rested—even when you’re not.

Prep, Correct & Conceal

Our secret of the universe for disguising dark circles: Start with Hydrating Eye Cream to refresh and smooth; the fast-absorbing formula will keep skin from looking crepey once you apply makeup. Follow with a peach- or pink-toned Corrector applied up to the lashline and anywhere you see discoloration. Follow with Creamy Concealer to brighten.

Perfect Skin, Simplified

The right foundation will erase unwanted discoloration so your complexion has one natural-looking tone. Apply Skin Foundation Stick directly from the tube, focusing on the areas of discoloration you want to correct. Use our Full Coverage Face Brush to blend out to the rest of the face.

Warm & Shape

To create dimension, apply Bronzer in Golden Light along the cheeks; blend back and down below the cheekbones to enhance the natural contours of the face. Add a soft pop of pink-toned Highlighting Powder on the apples of cheeks to bring out their natural structure.

Bring Out Eyes

If your eyes are your favorite feature, make them pop with a crisp, black liner—try Ink Liner in Blackest Black for the sharpest, most precise line. 2-3 coats of Smokey Eye Mascara will add extra definition.