Subtle Sultry

How to get glowing skin and subtly defined eyes.

Refresh & Brighten

Use a fast-absorbing moisturizer like Hydrating Eye Cream to smooth and refresh the under eye area. Apply Hydrating Face Cream and follow with Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm to boost skin’s radiance.

Disguise Dark Circles

Even relatively mild under eye circles can make you look tired. To wake up eyes, apply Corrector over any grey, brown or purple discoloration, using a gentle patting motion to blend. A layer of Creamy Concealer, applied up to the lashline and at the inner corner of the eye, will lighten still-visible discoloration and create a seamless transition to the rest of the face.

Perfect Your Base

For sallow skin with some redness, choose a yellow-based foundation like Skin Foundation Stick. The formula is our most versatile, meaning it can be truly sheer or built up for full coverage if and when you need it. Begin application at the center of the face—where you tend to see red discoloration—and use a Foundation Brush to blend out to the rest of the face.

Play Up Eyes

Glowing skin is the perfect backdrop to a subtly sultry eye look. Start with a nude Long-Wear Cream Shadow, applied from lashline to crease, to even out any discoloration on lids. Use an Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush to apply Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner along the top lashline; pull liner just past the outer corner of your eye, ending at a soft point.