Bring Out Your Best

How to Subtly Enhance Your Features.

Cover Dark Circles

Color correct and neutralize dark circles by layering Corrector and Creamy Concealer; use a Concealer Brush to reach the inner corner of the eye and along the lashline—where it’s common to have discoloration—for the most bright-eyed look.

Get Even

When dealing with moderately uneven skin tone, the trick is to create a seamless transition between the lighter and darker parts of the face. Apply Skin Foundation Stick—a flexible formula that you can build for fuller coverage—at the center of the face, blending out with a Foundation Brush.

Add Warm Definition

To bring out structure, use a Bronzer Brush to dust Bronzing Powder over cheekbones and the high points of the face. Then, add a pop of Blush in a bright shade just on the apples of cheeks.

Go Nude

The perfect nude lip will subtly enhance your natural lip tone—opt for a Lip Color that’s the same shade or slightly darker than bare lips.